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September 11, 2020

Wednesday 29th January was no ordinary day at Refactory, it was the day we hosted our first-ever career day. The aim was to create a platform where students that are part of the Refactory program who are looking to enter employment get to interface with the game-changers in the tech industry. Safe to say it was a success.

At Refactory, we understand that certain things have to be put in place if we are to see any significant growth in the tech industry and one of the most important items is skilled software developers with the ability to make great products but also interact with a client. Refactory is a tech skilling program that was designed by and for the tech industry and equips students with important technical and non-technical skills with the latest technologies, through a 3-month intensive catalyst course, followed by a 6-month apprenticeship with a private company for the students who qualify for the boot camp. The purpose of the career day was to facilitate an encounter between the students and the industry partners, call it job placement.

The day started with an opening remark from Michael the Programs Director who shared with the audience the journey of Refactory and why we are here for the long haul.“We pride ourselves in equipping and skilling young people in technological advancements so as to be ready for the workplace. With partners such as Fontes, Laboremus and Clarke International University we have seen this fast become a reality. Over 4 cohorts, 120 number of students and 4 projects completed, Refactory is fast becoming a source for not just good but great software developers that are ready for the market.” Michael shared.

Michael Niyitegeka, the Programs Director sharing with the press.

While there’s growing demand for the software developers with the right skill set, many come out of the University with little to no soft skills and are in no position to be employed. This has left a huge gap in the technological sector. Uganda has seen arise in companies and organization’s choosing to invest in the technology sector. At Refactory, we pride ourselves in sharing knowledge and equipping people in technological advancement and making sure they are employable.

We then had presentations from four of the major partners Laboremus, Kanzu Code, Fenix International and Tugende who were very detailed on what the actual tech work space requires and the need for problem solvers and not just coders. The students were allowed sometime for questions and the received very resourceful feedback. When the presentations were done, students that had expressed interest in the different partners were preview to speed dates to allow them pitch to the industry partners what they can bring to the table. The partners were super impressed with the different students they had a chance to interact with and went ahead to mention that Refactory is definitely the next big thing.

As the speed dates continued, the rest of the students went ahead to enjoy the bazaar were different industry players had exhibited and were open to answering any questions the students had. Lunch was served and the event came to an end.

Head of Technology at Laboremus, Timothy Musoke, said this career day was a way of connecting the tech companies to students to be able to shorten the process and create a link.

Timothy, head of Technology at Laboremus one of the main partners.

Below are some of the exhibitors:

NITA Uganda was well represented

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