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Michael Niyitegeka


July 8, 2021

Sandra applied to join Refactory and was admitted. I had worked with Sandra at Makerere University at the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology where she worked as a Lab Attendant. While at the Faculty Sandra undertook a couple of short courses. I was quite curious what could have attracted her to join Refactory. Her dream was to acquire skills that will enable her find a decent job in the tech sector. Sandra had baggage with her, a heavy one at that, the mother of three had a husband who never wanted her to go to school. During her time at Refactory she was thrown out of home. Today, Sandra is employed by Pivot Payments as a software developer and earns enough to take care of her children.

Beatrice is another amazing story, after completing her university education in her words was thrown out of home by her mother. She was done with her and she had to find a job. Beatrice joined Refactory. I have never met someone so dedicated, passionate and at all times smiling like Beatrice. Her dream was to become a software developer. After her nine months with us Beatrice was hired by Laboremus Uganda.

Beatrice at work at Laboremus Uganda.(Photo cred: Laboremus Uganda)


I can go on and on (visit our blog for more inspiring stories). Majority of the students that have come to Refactory have a story and a dream. Over the years I have seen young people who the mainstream education would never give a chance to enroll for a degree in software engineering because they lack the essential subjects (sciences). We have seen students who have no science background join the program go on to excel comparing favourably with those that have studied software engineering or related programs at the university.


There is nothing as fulfilling as seeing dreams unfold, young people achieving what they thought was out of their reach and going on to master the skill that seemed to be unattainable. Refactory as a program was purposely designed and developed to unleash the potential of those that are passionate about software engineering as an area of practice. Our primary focus is to prepare the students for the world of work. Fundamentally, we believe that if one does not possess life skills(soft skills) they will struggle in life. We invest a substantial part of the program to imparting these skills. Once the foundational issues are dealt with, we then deal with the technical skills. Our bootcamp experience is modelled as an apprentice program. Technical skills are further developed while delivering a real project for a client.

Refactory is my dream unfolding right before my eyes. Like Viktor Frankel said, “When you detect what you are created for nature conspires”. Over the last seven years nature has conspired. It has brought to fore like-minded partners who are: Youth With A Mission (Michael, Karl, & Pete); Clarke International University; Laboremus Uganda & Fontes Foundation.

Nothing gives me a good night sleep like when an-alumnus shares “I have been hired”!

The excitement that comes with the messages is simply heartwarming. Refactory is in the business of unfolding dreams for the tech industry.

Are you looking to start your journey to a future in software development, or to polish up on your already existing skills? Visit our website here for the young ones to read about the vacist program, and here to join our catalyst course for our January 2022 intake.

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