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Joanita Nassiwa, Refactory


May 18, 2020

Untold strife and struggle have been brought about by the occurrence of the pandemic. But what defines a business that can stand the test of time is how willing they are to adapt and reinvent the way they operate during and after the pandemic.

Many businesses have been hard hit forcing them to make tough decisions, which may include getting into survival mode (Survival mode means cutting costs, laying off employees, tightening profit margins, and saving cash) while others have continued to look for options that will ensure sustenance for their business. 

Technology has offered us a wealth of tools to use to maintain workflow even with the change in the environment. With video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, Miro, and many alike, people have continued to maintain their regular meetings and check-ins. Tools such as Trello, Microsoft Teams, and Slack have allowed teams to keep track of the progress of their work and also support those that may have a huge load on their shoulders. 

With the benefits of technology and the vast wealth of tools it has to offer, businesses can then move into growth mode, during which a company reinvests profits, expands operations, and brainstorms growth strategies with long-term payoffs.

At Refactory, we pride ourselves in using agile methods as we are firmly invested in an environment that constantly demands change. Agility requires two things: One is a dynamic ability to move fast and be responsive, and two is stability. For your business to be agile it requires stability, a stable foundation on which your company anchors its goals and prospectives.

 Even with the lockdown, our students have remained engaged. We have seen them successfully finish their modules with the help of our technical team. (On that note, allow us to celebrate Martin Orban and Jackson Ssennengo *clapping emoji*). Bearing in mind that this was the first time some of the students had interfaced with such tools, the feedback they shared was inspiring. 

Emmanuel, one of the Catalyst students

Patience, one of the Catalyst students.

We have also gone ahead to host a 2-week Microsoft skills lab facilitated by Neil Davis, a software developer with Microsoft (an awesome story for another day). In the works now is an Executive Catalyst spin-off called Beyond Tech: A Refactory Master Class-series targeting all those in high and mid-level management. Watch the space for that.

So yes, it is possible for your business to not just survive but thrive while in these times of uncertainty. All you need to do is capitalize on the offerings of technology. Take tutorials, learn as much as you can, ask questions, and invest in your work and your teams. 

In case you are interested in being part of a community of problem solvers who adapt and thrive in any situation, then do not hesitate to apply to be part of our August 2020 intake.

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