Refactory is part of our quest to build a Ugandan tech industry that can compete globally.

Through partnerships with technology companies in Uganda, we are aiming to train tech talents that can take on this task.

A tech program made by and for the tech sector

In 2018, Clarke International University, tech company Laboremus Uganda, and NGO Fontes Foundation partnered to bring Uganda a program to develop software development skills tailored to make youth job-ready.

The “skills gap” between what schools and universities teach and what employers need is a known problem for employers in the ICT-sector.

Refactory is an answer to this problem. It is, in essence, a tech program that offers a comprehensive nine-month program that will give university graduates the skillsets required to lift the quality of the Ugandan tech sector.

Together we want to build a tech sector in Uganda that can compete on a global scale!

Our partners

The partners that host bootcamps, sponsor the program or hire our developers.

Opportunities for employers

Are you a Ugandan tech company? Here's what we are offering.

Join our Last Mile Program

Our Last Mile Program is an elite program that seeks to equip juniors with expert knowledge needed to work for an advanced ICT company.

The 6-12 month program combines highly advanced training with work on live client projects under the supervision of senior developers.

The companies will interview and select their candidate(s) from the Refactory cohort.

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Host a bootcamp

We are continuously looking for new industry partners who can host one of our bootcamps.

Have a Refactory team work on a problem that you are trying to solve. You will be the product owner, and have regular meetings with the team to get updates on their progress.

The team will get training and mentoring from our Refactory experts through-out the period.

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Be a sponsor

Refactory is created by and for the tech industry. Help us help you in whatever way you can!

Want to sponsor a student scholarship, a masterclass with an expert, extra equipment for our labs or something else?

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Do you want to become a partner?

Let's set up a meeting and talk about the opportunities we can create together!

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