Want to partner with Refactory?

Refactory is made by – and for – tech companies. This means that our partners are essential for the success of the program.

Our partners host bootcamps, give guest lectures and masterclasses, and sponsor the program in many ways.

We are always looking for more partners, both from the private sector, government and NGOs, to help build a competitive and innovative IT industry in Uganda.

Get in touch to learn how you can help shape the future!

What does it mean to be an industry partner?

We are continuously looking for new industry partners who can host one of our bootcamps.

Have a Refactory team work on a problem that you are trying to solve. You will be the product owner, and have regular meetings with the team to get updates on their progress.

The team will get training and mentoring from our Refactory experts through-out the period.

Want to be more involved?

Host workshops, advice on curriculum, sponsor access to advanced certification and most importantly: Hire our students.

Our goal is to build and support a sustainable, strong and innovative tech industry in Uganda.

In order to achieve this we need partners who are working towards the same goal in a small or a big way.

Whether you want to donate time, money, or expertise, we welcome it.

Do you want to become a partner?

Let's set up a meeting and talk about the opportunities we can create together!

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Our partners

The partners that host bootcamps, sponsor the program or hire our developers.

Stories from our partners

News and blog posts about bootcamp and beyond.

What is Tech Knot?


Joanita Nassiwa, Refactory


February 11, 2021

If you’re here, you must be wondering what Tech knot is all about 🧐. Well, allow us to give you some insight into what it really is.

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Bootcamp Experience (Xente)


Joanita Nassiwa, Refactory


December 7, 2020

Our Bootcamp is designed in a way that allows our students to interact with/ and experience first-hand the workings of a tech company. They are exposed to processes and systems, all in a bid to facilitate their learning journey to becoming software developers. It was this time last year that our Bootcamp apprentices were preparing to hand over the product of 6 months of hard work to the client.

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Tech Knot


Joanita Nassiwa, Refactory


November 23, 2020

At Refactory, this year has been one of testing the limits and growing through all the difficulties. When a conversation about Tech knot, our annual career day came up, we were not sure it would happen. But, with all these technological tools available to us we committed to making it happen. And yes, it happened!

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