About the Product Management Course

Be the linchpin of any tech organisation. Learn the skills needed to be responsible for crowdsourcing, developing, and curating ideas that will deliver value to customers.

Product Management is a critical strategic driver in a company. It can make a huge impact in terms of whether products, as well as the entire company, succeed or fail in both the short and long term. It’s the only role in a company that grasps all aspects of the business, including customers, the market, competition, trends, strategy, business models, and more. As such, great Product Management makes great companies.

Come learn both the technical and non-technical skills required to meet the demands of a tech industry that competes globally. The skills learnt in this course are transferable to any other industry.

Fees: UGX 2,000,000/= (Two Million Uganda Shillings)

Financial support: No scholarships available

Duration: 12 weeks

Cohorts: January, May, September

Modality: Part-time (Evening classes)

Eligibility: No prior IT experience is require, but knowledge of the software development process is desirable. Self-drive to take an intense part-time course is required.

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This is how you'll spend your time

Our curriculum changes continuously based on feedback from our industry partners to make sure that we are always teaching you what you need to know!

Week 1: Introduction to Product management

Week 2: Introduction to Product management.

Week 3: Customer Development

Week 4: Product Research

Week 5: Research, Define and Testing.

Week 6: Product Requirements and Road mapping.

Week 7: Product Design

Week 8: Product Development

Week 9: Product Marketing
Week 10: Product Launch

Week 11: Product analytics and Iteration

Week 12: Product Management careers and course review.

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