About the Certificate in Software Engineering with Python.

Want to get a better understanding of technology using Python? Apply to our Certificate in Software Engineering with Python.

Python is a popular general-purpose programming language. It is used in machine learning, web development, desktop applications, and many other fields. Fortunately for beginners, Python has a simple, easy-to-use syntax. This makes Python a great language to learn for beginners.

Python is a superb language for teaching programming, both at the introductory level and in more advanced courses. 

This program starts with the basics of Python. Learners will be engaged in the lexical syntax of Python and quickly move onto more advanced topics such as dictionaries, custom functions, and sorting algorithms. You'll progress to object-oriented programming, working with APIs, and querying databases with SQL. 

Duration: 12weeks.

Available Cohorts:January, May & September.

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This is how you'll spend your time

Our curriculum changes continuously based on feedback from our industry partners to make sure that we are always teaching you what you need to know!

First module

Soft skill: Leadership

Tech skill: Introduction to software development

Second module

Soft skill: Lean & Agile

Tech skill: Introduction to JavaScript

Third module

Soft skill: Human-Centered Design

Tech skill: JavaScript cont.

Fourth Module

Soft skill: Lean Startup

Tech skill: Node JS

Fifth module

Tech skills: Node JS & Vue JS


Wrap-Up Assessments

Once you graduate, you qualify to apply for our 6-month Bootcamp!

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