About the Data Science and Machine Learning with Python.

This 12-week course gives you a comprehensive understanding of the data science process, and advanced Machine Learning techniques.

This course, offered in partnership with Coding dojo, is an intensive deep dive into the fundamentals of data science and machine learning with Python. Learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the end-to-end data science process including data prep, data analysis and visualisation, as well as how to apply machine learning algorithms to various situations and tasks.

This course allows you to build a portfolio of projects showcasing your skills to help you with prospective employment opportunities.

The learning model is a hands-on, engaging and challenging method that allows learners to skill-fully interact with all the elements that make one a good data analyst.

Tuition Fees: $1,000 (US Dollars)

Financial support: No scholarships available

Award :  Certificate in Data Science and Machine Learning with Python course.

Available Cohorts: January, July every year

Eligibility: No Programming experience required (but it is desirable), self-drive to pursue an intense part-time program.

Full curriculum: Download course Packet

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This is how you'll spend your time

Our curriculum changes continuously based on feedback from our industry partners to make sure that we are always teaching you what you need to know!

First Track

Week 1 - 4: Data Science Fundamentals

Second Track

Week 5 - 8: Machine Learning

Third Track

Week 9 - 12: Advanced Machine Learning


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