About the Data Science and Machine Learning with Python.

This 12-week course gives you a comprehensive understanding of the data science process, including data prep, data analysis and data visualisation.

We know that organisations need data analysts to help them improve their processes, identify opportunities and trends, launch new products, and make thoughtful and informed decisions with the available data. Machine learning, the ability for computers to detect patterns in data and use it to make predictions — is changing our world in profound ways. As the technology becomes faster and more accessible, machine learning is sparking innovations big and small, from customer service chatbots to predictive medicine. Future applications are limited only by the imagination.

This data science course offered in partnership with Coding dojo, is a deep dive into the fundamentals of data science and machine learning with Python. Throughout the course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire data science process from end to end, including data prep, data analysis and visualisation, as well as how to apply machine learning algorithms to various situations and tasks. You will also walk away with a portfolio of projects showcasing your data science certification to prospective employers.

The learning model is a hands-on, engaging and challenging method that allows learners to skill-fully interact with all the elements that make one a good data analyst.

Award :  Certificate in Data Science and Machine Learning with Python course.

This 12-week program focus on data science, while also including a soft skill component.

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This is how you'll spend your time

Our curriculum changes continuously based on feedback from our industry partners to make sure that we are always teaching you what you need to know!

First module

Soft skill: Leadership

Tech skill: Introduction to software development

Second module

Soft skill: Lean & Agile

Tech skill: Introduction to JavaScript

Third module

Soft skill: Human-Centered Design

Tech skill: JavaScript cont.

Fourth Module

Soft skill: Lean Startup

Tech skill: Node JS

Fifth module

Tech skills: Node JS & Vue JS


Wrap-Up Assessments

Once you graduate, you qualify to apply for our 6-month Bootcamp!

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