About the Cert. Software Engineering
with Javascript

Want a job in tech? Apply to our 3-month Certificate in software Engineering course.

This course delivers full-stack web development training using JavaScript. Learners receive practical training in both technical and non-technical skills required to meet the demands of a tech industry that competes globally. With a curriculum designed in partnership with ICT practitioners, this training follows industry standards and best practices.

This program is an immersive & intensive experience, with emphasis on self-study and practical tasks.

Learning modality: Full-time (Day), Part-time (Evening) Classes

Tuition Fees: UGX 1,500,000/= (One million, five hundred thousand Uganda Shillings)

Financial support: Partial Scholarships available to admitted students

Duration: 12 weeks

Available Intakes: February, May & September 2023

Eligibility: High School graduates and above.

Not able to study full time by day? Take a look at our 5-month Part-time/evening program.

Tech skills

We believe in the startup mantra: Fail fast, fail often.

Whether you just graduated with a degree in computer science, have been coding on your own for years, or just started out, you will be challenged at Refactory.

You will be introduced to both basic and cutting edge technology, and get to use them on actual projects.

Non-technical skills

Building an IT solution is about more than just knowing HTML, Python, React, C++ or SQL. Before you start coding, you need to know how and why you're solving the problem.

That's why we spend a lot of time on key skills like critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, and project management.

This is what distinguishes ordinary developers from exceptional developers.

How does it work?

We have developed a program that takes you from zero to job-ready in 9 months. The program consists of 3 steps.

Software Engineering with Javascript

A focused three-month program that includes training in principles of Javascript components, leadership, critical thinking, IT project management, as well as introductions to different technologies.

language application

It's at this point that you will begin to implement the languages you have learnt while you develop a real-life project that you will be presenting as an assignment. This is intended to see how one implements leadership skills, critical thinking,  project management, as well as understanding of different technologies.


A six-month boot camp, where a key component is practical learning through projects with industry partners.

This is how you'll spend your time

Our curriculum changes continuously based on feedback from our industry partners to make sure that we are always teaching you what you need to know!

Week 1

Soft skill: Leadership and Personal development

Tech skill: Software Dev’t Platforms; Web, Desktop, Mobile, Cloud, Embedded & Data Analytics

Week 2

Soft skill: Leadership and Personal development

Tech skill: HTML & CSS

Week 3

Soft skill: Lean & Agile

Tech skill: Introduction to Javascript & Git

Week 4

Soft skill: Lean & Agile

Tech skill: Data Structures & Algorithms

Week 5

Tech skill Debugging

Tech skill: Object-Oriented JavaScript

Week 6

Soft skill: Human Centered Design

Tech skill: Object-Oriented JavaScript

Week 7

Soft skill: Human Centered Design

Tech skill: Node JS + TDD + DOM

Week 8

Soft skill: Lean Start-up, Planning, Tracking & Management

Tech skill: Node JS + TDD + DOM

Week 9

Soft skill: Application & Software Security

Tech skill: Node JS + TDD + DOM

Week 10

Soft skill: Community Engagement

Tech skill: Node JS + TDD + DOM

Week 11

Tech skill: Vue. JS

Tech skill: Vue. JS

Week 12

Project work

Wrap-Up Assessments

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