About the Bootcamp

Six months solving a real problem for a real company.

Accelerate your software skills while working to solve a problem with your team.

Once you graduate the Software Engineering course with Javascript/Python, you can apply for the bootcamp. Sixteen students who have demonstrated a high ability to learn and excellence during the program are selected to participate in the 6-month-long, intense software and business development bootcamp.

Over the course of six months, the selected students will undergo in-depth training in the areas of software development and project management in order to produce a minimum viable ICT solution for an actual challenge in an industry of their choice.

Apply for Bootcamp

Successfully complete the Catalyst Course and apply for the Bootcamp program. You will be assigned a team and a project to put your skills to work.

Work for a real company

Your team will solve a problem for a real company. You will have weekly meetings at the company HQ to update them on your progress and get feedback from their senior staff.

Solve a real problem

The company will be the product owner, giving your team an actual challenge that you need to solve over the span of 6 months. The result should be a minimum viable product (MVP).

What problems do you solve?

During the bootcamp you get to solve a real problem for a real company. Here's two examples of previous bootcamp challenges.

Bootcamp #1: Laboremus Uganda Ltd.

The team worked on designing an analytics dashboard for Laboremus' farmer financing solution Emata.

Bootcamp #2: ChapChap

The team designed a dashboard and notification system for ChapChap that showed product visibility from the manufacturer to distributor.

Bootcamp #3: Company C

No many people will have this kind of opportunity, so get ready and prepare for the most productive, full of learning and a lot of fun Webflow

Is this something for you?

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