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1. Where are these programs/courses offered?

Refactory programs/courses are offered online/virtually. The Refactory space is situated at Clarke International University Building, Level 2, Kawaga close off Kalungi road in Muyenga-Kampala, Uganda.

2. How long are these programs?

Refactory offers short courses of different durations. Read up on each course on our program page to get details of duration of each course.

3. Can I apply if I did not study Information Technology (IT) or a related subject?

Yes! All of our courses/programs are perfect fit for people who seeks practical knowledge and an entry point into the world of software engineering.

The qualifying candidate needs little prior knowledge of software development. Our ideal trainee is one who is armed with a passion to solve the world’s biggest problems with the aid of ICTs and computing power, and is ready to learn.

4. Can I apply if I have no university degree?

Yes! All persons who have received a minimum of a high school diploma from a legally recognized institution of learning around the world are eligible to apply for our courses.

5. Is the training free of charge?

No. Refactory offers partial scholarships to students who are admitted to certain programs and express financial need. Read up on different courses/programs on the Programs Page to learn which courses have offers for financial support.

6. Do I have to pay full tuition fees at the start of the program?

No. Students have an opportunity to pay tuition fees in one lump sum or two instalments spread over a two month period as they undertake training, as advised at the time of their admission.

7. Do I need to be physically present in Uganda to take this training program?

No. You do not need to be physically present in Kampala, Uganda to take any of our courses. All of our training programs are offered remotely/online.

8. Do I need a personal computer to take part in the program?

Yes. You need to own a personal computer to ably take part in this training, as this allows you extra personal study and practice time when you are away from class.

9. Can I take Refactory courses alongside my work and/or other school studies?

All courses which are offered on full-time basis maximize impact and give every student the best coaching, training, and mentoring experience work anywhere in the world. Therefore, your choice of work and other studies should not interfere with the select program full-time day schedule, as you are required to attend at least 80% of all class sessions to complete any of our courses.

Applicants who work day jobs are advised to read about our part-time courses and establish what aligns with their goals.

10. What is the pass-mark for one to complete the program successfully?

There is no pass-mark for one to complete Refactory courses successfully. Students are assessed continuously for their ability to apply the tools and skills gained in the different study modules through individual and team assignments, internationally recognised tests and certifications.

11. When do exams happen?

We do not offer exams on this program. Your understanding of the content delivered is assessed through practical applications in various ways.

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