Timothy Wampa Mwandha

Technology alone cannot solve 100% of all human problems. We shall always rely on administrative tactics to close the gap, therefore one should always push their agenda in a business world where dog eats dog

Timothy holds a MSc in Business Information Technology from Middlesex University, London, UK and twenty years of learning from the University of life.

He is a level 5 leader, working as C.E.O of 3D Services Limited, an SME employing 44 employees who he continuously nurtures to reach their full potential in the logistics, transport and fleet management arena.

He believes that his life of confinement in front of the GUI has come to an end, and hopes to utilize his new found knowledge in software development to meet the ever changing needs of customers in the east African community. Wampa is an avid golfer and likes to network with people for business and social engagements.

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