Current cohort

Sekasi Douglas

Sequentiality is not an illusion

Douglas holds a bachelor’s honors degree in computer science from Makerere University, he is a self-motivated person who is excited about artificial intelligence big data and machine learning.

Skill Profile

  • Web development(Html 5, CSS 3 ,javascript,bootstrap,material design)
  • Android in Java 
  • Django Framework (python)
  • Wordpress
  • Version control
  • ODK
  • Agile
  • Latex
  • Windows server
  • Laravel(Php) 
  • Erlang(Elixir)

Work experience

  • Douglas has worked as back end developer at witsmind incorporation at Kanjokya street acacia avenue.
  • Also as an IT consultant at AH consulting in  Naguru where he built a consultancy information management system for the firm

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