Nyayic Fanny

The best Project you’ll ever work on is you!

Fanny is a software engineering graduate from Sai Pali Institute of Technology and Management. She loves travelling and her research interests are based on modern trends in Technology. She loves UI design. She’s a proud team member of Developer’s Circle Kampala, PyLadies Kampala, PyKla, ETC IV Code Kampala, SITMDevs Kampala and GDG Kampala.

Skill Profile

  • Web development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and wordpress
  • Web development with Python and Flask
  • Systems development with PHP and CodeIgniter
  • Digital Marketing
  • Some knowledge of Android Programming (with java & also flutter)-at 40%

Completed projects/Work Experience

  1. Junior software developer at Africa Distribution Company (August 2018- June 2019)
  2. Junior software developer at Red Tokens Software solutions
  3. Website Development - , , ,

Read about her learning & musings Here.

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