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We have developed a program that takes you from zero to job-ready in 9 months. The program consists of 3 steps.

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Walking the mile - Clarke Bootcamp Team


Jacob Nuwamanya


August 2, 2021

We usually speak about our Bootcamp program and how it's designed to give our students a hands-on learning experience. It is an opportunity for them to interact with the client on a personal level and develop solutions that are well informed and efficient. Enjoy the read, as one of our Alumni shares their Bootcamp experience as they live out their Refactory experiences for you.

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Refactory! Dreams Unfolding.


Michael Niyitegeka


July 8, 2021

When the Refactory program was designed, the intent was for its impact to go past the classroom. There have been some bumps along the way, but they don't amount to the many lives that have been touched directly or indirectly. Michael Niyitegeka shares some of the highlights of how dreams have been unfolded through the program.

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Why Industry Seminars?


Joanita Nassiwa, Refactory


June 24, 2021

The Refactory alumni community is fast-growing and being a hands-on kind of program, we were prompted to think about ways to support and keep them engaged as they transition into gainful employment.

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