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Developed in partnership with the tech sector, Refactory is the industry's blueprint for hiring developers.

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Refactory is made by and for tech companies. We teach you the skills you need to secure your career in tech.

How does it work?

We have developed a program that takes you from zero to job-ready in 9 months. The program consists of 3 steps.

Step 1:
Catalyst Course

A focused three-month program that includes training in leadership, critical thinking, IT project management, as well as introductions to different technologies.

Step 2:

A six-month boot camp, where a key component is working on solving a real problem for one of our industry partners.

Step 3:
Last Mile Program

A program that gives graduates the opportunity to work at an elite ICT company for 6-12 months.

Come visit our campus in Muyenga.

Develop ideas with your team, hang out in the lounge between the sessions, and build better solutions in our computer lab.

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New academy seeks to educate tech leaders of tomorrow




June 6, 2019

Exciting times ahead as Clarke International University, tech company Laboremus Uganda Ltd, and NGO Fontes Foundation partner to bring Uganda a program to develop software development skills tailored to make youth job-ready.

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Here are the mistakes Ugandan software developers are making


Solomon Obwot


June 5, 2019

Jumia recently got listed in the New York stock exchange market as the pioneer tech product from Africa to do so and discussions sprung up on various social media platforms debating whether Jumia is really an African startup with its headquarters in Dubai and developer team in Portugal.

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